Ashley Cross

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Ashley Johnson Cross became a part of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services in 2010, where she served in the capacity of Business Engagement for nine years. In her tenure, she worked to establish the agency as a resource with the Sam’s Club Consortium, which included Walmart, Sam’s Club, Tyson Foods, and JB Hunt. In 2013, Cross received the Train the Trainer distinction as a National Career Development Facilitator Instructor. In 2017, Cross was instrumental in the establishment and coordination of Disability IN: Arkansas, formerly known as the Arkansas Business Leadership Network. Through her efforts, Cross was not only able to establish corporate partnerships, but she also made history in 2018 by recruiting over $10,000 in sponsorship dollars from business and industry. Ashley’s level of expertise spans far beyond the borders of business recruitment. Cross is currently the CEO & Founder of BIG Consulting, where she upskills and educates clients how to bridge the gap between ideas and implementation. Her unique ability to turn motivation into activation has positioned her to train top level managers from Walmart, JB Hunt, TJ Maxx, Tyson, Sears, Murphy Oil USA to name a few.