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Continuing Education

We provide systematic professional learning experiences to strengthen knowledge, skills, and abilities; introduce new perspectives; and build connection between participants. Designed for professionals in vocational rehabilitation, independent living, disability services and related fields, these learning experiences include skill-building processes and activities to help participants master specific learning objectives.

Leadership Academies

Developing leadership skills within an organization serves to generate energy among those leaders, increase innovation and connection, and enhance employee retention.

UA CURRENTS provides opportunities for state agencies or other entities to develop customized leadership programs for employees. Employees from all of the five states within Region 6 have participated in CURRENTS-sponsored leadership programs. While the content is customized, some of the most popular choices are The Leadership Challenge, Accountability in Action , and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Participants have the opportunity to explore the concepts from these and other leadership materials and develop individualized plans for personal and professional growth.

The academies include a combination of face-to-face and distance learning opportunities. eLMO serves as a virtual headquarters for the groups of leaders who are currently enrolled in an academy or have graduated from one. Learn more about the specific leadership academies from each state by visiting the eLMO site.

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