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We provide a range of technical assistance and consulting to meet the specific needs of a customer, taking into account their unique circumstances and culture. When an organization faces a challenge that requires new knowledge, skills and abilities, or changes at multiple levels in order to support and sustain new ways of work, CURRENTS provides long-term, relationship-based consultation and facilitation focused on specific outcomes. At the other end of the technical assistance continuum, we are happy to answer a question, connect customers with existing resources, or help clarify the questions that need to be answered.


Short-term information & referral services that recipients can use within their current abilities, skill sets and infrastructure. Connecting customers to existing resources and networks.


A relationship-based model of consultation and facilitation when new knowledge, skills and abilities are called for and changes will need to occur at multiple levels to support and sustain the new ways of work. This customized guidance involves considerable planning, frequent communication, on-site work, collaboration at multiple levels, coaching and both process and outcome evaluation to build capacity and achieve goals.

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