LeadVR Cohort 2023
February 28 - September 26, 2023

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Mid-level managers of vocational rehabilitation agencies are charged with managing program operations, creating buy-in for agency policies and procedures, engaging with internal and external stakeholders, and managing significant fiscal and human resources. They have a responsibility of providing leadership that is forward-looking, innovative, and responsive. Their positions carry substantial leadership responsibility; however, many incumbents have limited experience for the role. Being strategic in leadership and adapting to meet the challenges and opportunities of VR are increasing demands for mid-level managers.

LeadVR addresses the challenge: LeadVR is Leadership that Empowers, holds self and others Accountable and provides opportunities for Development. Held once a month over eight months, LeadVR is a series of live, interactive online training and professional development modules for aspiring frontline workers and mid-level managers. Each session in LeadVR offers rehabilitation participants the opportunity to explore the current and future face of VR leadership and organizational change. Each session challenges participants to work together for collective impact.

Coaching Sessions: As the business environment becomes more complex, current, and future leaders need support. Participants will be provided three hours of group coaching sessions facilitated by faculty advisors, with the goal of improving individual performance, developing a personal leadership plan with personal and professional goals and action plan.

Project Work: Participants address a specific challenge and will work as a team to develop goals, strategies and an action plan to address the challenge.

Registration: $1,800 per participant. Cohorts are designed to foster cross-agency collaboration. Organizational specific cohorts may also be requested.

Participant Expectations

  • Classes are held the 4th Tuesday of each month, from 11 am - 3 pm CST (February 2023 - September 2023)

  • Participants must attend 5 of the 7 sessions and participate in the project work

  • Participants must complete at least 2 group coaching sessions

  • There are 6 written homework assignments, and the DiSC assessment.

Registration is Closed