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Awareness, Belonging, and Courageous Leadership

Awareness, Belonging, and Courageous Leadership

The Certification in Awareness, Belonging, and Courageous Leadership challenges participants to examine and address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusive leadership in organizations. The training empowers participants with the leadership skills needed to support sustainable action that can lead to organizational transformation. Throughout the training and certification, participants will utilize activities from the ABCs Toolkit to explore their cultural lens, take stock of their social and cultural identities, engage in conversations that encourage trust and the building of authentic connections, unpack topics of privilege and microaggressions, and create an action plan for organizational change.

Participants who obtain the certification must complete both parts 1 and part 2 of the training. Participants may only take Part 1 and receive a training completion certificate.

Part 1 Training – Awareness, Belonging, and Courageous Leadership (Virtual, Zoom, Synchronous)

  1. Class 1 - Awareness includes a discussion on multiculturalism, discusses disability as a justification for discrimination, provides tools for understanding social identities, and strategies for practicing humility. (90 mins)
  2. Class 2 - Accessibility includes a discussion on access, inclusion, accommodations, and historical perspectives of disability. (90 mins)
  3. Class 3 - Bias develops an understanding of how bias impacts our workplace, including in recruiting, hiring, team dynamics, and career development. The training reviews microaggressions and discusses tips for identifying and mitigating bias. (90 mins)
  4. Class 4 - In Civility, participants dig deep into the civility crisis, discover tools needed to promote civility, and participate in discussions on how to display compassion in our everyday lives. (90 mins)
  5. Class 5 – Courageous Conversation on Employee Resource Groups – Engagement, Action, and Resources (90 mins)
  6. Class 6- Courageous Conversation on Cultural Identity – What I want you to know (90 mins)

Additional Requirements:

A Certificate of Completion is available to participants meeting all Part 1 requirements.

9 CRC hours (ethics) are available for Part 1.

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Part 2 : Three C’s of Inclusive Leadership (Virtual, Zoom, Synchronous)

  1. Class 1 Civility - Participants create a framework for self-awareness based on the foundations of diversity and inclusion, culture, and social group identities. To create a context for civility to grow, activities reinforce positive interactions that support the development of social capital and behavioral change. (90 mins)
  2. Class 2 Compassionate Communication - Participants build trust and respect by acknowledging personal perspectives of racial information, describing aspects of their cultural identity, and practicing emotionally intelligent ways to discuss identity, establish authentic connections, and give feedback. (90 mins)
  3. Class 3 Courageous Leadership - Participants recognize the relevance of their lives to others and discuss how to use their positions to serve others. Part 1 creates an understanding of power, perception, and privilege in rehabilitation and explores action planning for speaking truth to power. (90 mins)
  4. Class 4 Courageous Leadership Part 2 - Addresses structural inequality, and different types of difference, and engages participants in activities for creating change. (90 mins)
  5. Class 5 - Intersection of race, ethnicity, and disability (90 mins)
  6. Class 6 - LGBTQIA+ and rehabilitation (90 mins)


For participants who successfully complete the course, they will receive the Certification in Awareness, Belonging, and Courageous Leadership, issued by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC).

9 CRC hours (ethics) are available for Part 2.

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ABCs Training

UA CURRENTS offers training solutions and comprehensive consulting and coaching services that cultivate a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging.

ABCs Primer (In Person or Virtual)

UA CURRENTS offers a three hour training that fosters understanding of cultural awareness, belonging, and courageous leadership.

ABCs Toolkit (In Person or Virtual)

In this three-hour session, UA CURRENTS provides team building training and discussion techniques for organization leaders to foster courageous conversations, promote healthy dialogue, and encourage cultural awareness and civility. It is recommended that participants go through the Intro to ABCs class prior to completing this class.

Belonging and Inclusion in the Workplace (In Person or Virtual)

This three-hour session discusses common barriers to building a culture of belonging and inclusion in the workplace and provides tools and resources for creating awareness and techniques for minimizing their occurrence.

ABCs Certification (In Person)

UA CURRENTS offers the full 18 hour ABCs training as an in-person option. Sessions may be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization. The full in-person training is held over several months and group rates are available for groups of over 25 people.

Consultation & Coaching

UA CURRENTS works closely with organizational leaders and management teams to build, measure, and manage your diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging efforts.

Community of Practice

Participants from UA CURRENTS’ ABCs training are invited to connect with forward-thinking collaborators from across the country in an ABCs Community of Practice. This is a great opportunity to share resources, discuss solutions, and make connections with DEIAB colleagues from across the nation.

For more information, contact UA CURRENTS.