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Customized Training

Frontline Staff Training

We help your employees discover their full potential through our customized training & technical assistance programs. We offer a diverse selection focusing on teambuilding activities, customer service and inclusion.

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Supervisor & Management Team Training

We help your leadership team identify strengths based leadership skills though a variety of customized training programs. Our goal is to help strengthen skills in leadership, manage-ment and team inclusion.

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Sign up for one of our Bridgeworks engaging, interesting and interactive webinars and receive CRC credit. Enjoy an opportunity to network with vocational rehabilitation counselors, subject matter experts and consultants from across the na-tion!

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Leadership that Empowers, holds self and others Accountable and provides opportunities for Development. Held over six months, LeadVR offers rehabilitation leaders the opportunity to explore the current and future face of VR leadership and organizational development.

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Awareness, Belonging, and Courageous Leadership

This two-part Awareness, Belonging, and Courageous Leadership Certification challenges participants to examine and address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusive leadership in organizations. Participants are empowered with the leadership skills needed to support sustainable action that can lead to organizational transformation. Participants will utilize activities from the ABCs of Cultural Competence and Humility Toolkit to explore their cultural lens, take stock of their social and cultural identities, engage in conversations that encourage trust and the building of authentic connections, unpack topics of privilege and microaggressions, and create an action plan for organizational change.

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Coaching & Consulting

We offer group coaching and one-on-one consultation to support team and leadership development.

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